We have a total of three casinos within the city limits of Detroit. The Motor City. The Greek Town & the well known MGM Grand. Each has nightclubs and a chance to beat the odds.


Enjoy eating at some of the greatest restaurants Detroit has to offer. Explore Mexican Village for countless spots to grab a bite. Marvel at the authentic cuisine in the Greek Town area.  And of course each of the three casinos Downtown located have more food items than one can ever imagine. 


If you love to shop; then Metro Detroit and the near surrounding areas are for you. Visit Fairlane or Oakland Mall that each have over a hundred stores. For a more upscale experience swing by the world known Somerset Collection Mall boasting to have some of the most famous designer names housed under both roofs. If that's not enough, travel a few more miles down the road to Great Lakes Crossing or Birch Run Outlet Malls. 


The famed Motown Museum and Henry Ford Museum offer a vivid hands on glimpse back into the history of Detroit business and culture. Also the D.I. A. has some fabulous artwork always on display.


Feel free to google all of the above spots/things to do for further information. Although not directly linked to the Detroit Hustle & Grind Book Fair; they are all safe, secure and reputable to say the least.