Located on the mid east side of Detroit, this sure to be epic event will be held in two locations. The "HUSTLE" will kick off at the CG Community Center ( 2326 East Seven Mile). Authors will be able to sell their books from 12pm until 6pm. 

 And if that's not enough time to introduce your masterpieces to countless readers, library reps and book clubs; we've added the "GRIND". That will be held at Hood Book Headquarters (2407 East Seven Mile) from 6pm until 12am. 

So yes...that's a total of 12 SOLID HOURS of Detroit Hustle & Grind time  book selling! 

If you've never been to a HOOD BOOK HEADQUARTERS event...

If you've never attended one of our events you're in store for something special. Rather it be book signings, movie theater buy outs, trap music karaoke , old school game night or just stopping by to hangout with our owners; Essence Bestsellers Ms.Michel Moore and T. C. Littles or Marlon PS White, we show out. The "Hood Book Hospitality" is legendary!


There will be tables made available for single (one) author for S125.00 

We will also have tables available to share (two) authors for $165.00

Each six foot table will come with a table cloth and two chairs. Unfortunately we will not be offering any publisher tables at this event . Be advised all retractable banners must remain out of the isle ways at all times.

 * Please be advised the only titles that are to be sold at the tables, single or shared, MUST BE WRITTEN by the authors assigned to that booth/table.There will be ZERO EXCEPTIONS to that rule. Please take note of this before purchasing table or bringing books other than your own.* 

**Please take note. This is a BOOK FAIR. Participants WILL NOT be allowed to sell t-shirts or other clothing items; candles, food/ dessert items, artwork, jewelry, etc. Gift baskets for FREE giveaways are an exception.**

***Table fee is non-refundable; period. They are also not transferable to another author unless written approval permission is given by organizer (Ms.Michel Moore/Hood Book Headquarters) 21 days before start of event. If for any reason that "replacement author" is not acceptable; organizers have the right to refusal ***. 

(THE GRIND) 6pm until 12am

All registered "HUSTLE" authors will automatically be able to sell their books at the "GRIND". With a slightly different set up monetary wise; at HOOD BOOK HEADQUARTERS we will require each author have their titles logged in at front counter. Your books will then be sold by our staff as you ( the author) are free to mingle with the readers, book clubs and enjoy our famous "Hood Book Hospitality."  You're still making money and signing books while having a great time!

 Upon your leaving; you will receive all unsold books along with cash payment for those sold at the traditional bookstore split of 40/60 (your favor of course.) We also may ask to purchase some of your titles for the store. 

*There will be absolutely no purse, book bag or trunk selling of any sorts. Please respect Hood Book Headquarters and the other paid/registered authors.*

Please bring your own change & bags.We will have staff to aid in the transfer of venues.

Feel free to email us at or call us at 313-731-7994 if you have any questions or concerns.